About us

Evey Fine Art is a contemporary art gallery located in Palm Beach, Florida and Flatiron House on W 23rd Street in New York City showcasing established contemporary artists from the Americas and Europe with a particular focus on introducing renowned Cuban artists to the global art market.





Our in-house framing services allow you to choose a frame that not only complements the artwork perfectly but also reflects your taste and the design of your home with the possibility to implement precise customizations that match any style and color scheme.


Our worldwide shipping services comprise a wide variety of options from fast and cost-efficient in-house delivery to dedicated and personalized white glove delivery that fits your schedule.



  • Photograph of Carla Groh

    Carla Berenice Groh

    Gallery Co-Founder

    Carla started out in the antiquities trade over 18 years ago and holds a master's degree in Classics, Near Eastern Archaeology and Egyptology from the University of Freiburg & Basel University. After working for prestigious art galleries and auction houses in Basel, St. Moritz & Lucerne and Vienna, she established her own art brokerage and moved it to Chicago in 2018.

    With firsthand knowledge of the international art market and expertise in managing the complexities of a seasonal business model, Carla recognized Palm Beach as the ideal location for establishing a physical representation. What started as a brick-and-mortar gallery soon evolved into EVEY, a year-round art space launched in 2019. The name "EVEY" is a tribute to the late Greek grandmother of its founder, Evangelia, which means "messenger of good news."

  • Photograph of Joseph Knapek

    Joseph J. Knapek

    Gallery Co-Founder

    Joseph's profound knowledge and expertise in finance, combined with his deep admiration for art collection, served as the driving force behind the establishment of a cutting-edge contemporary art gallery. With a distinct vision in mind, the gallery strives to introduce renowned artists from Latin America and Europe to the lucrative US market. By doing so, customers are granted a rare chance to acquire artwork that not only possesses aesthetic allure but also presents an enticing financial investment prospect.

    Joseph is a highly experienced professional in the futures industry with an impressive track record of 30 years. He holds trading privileges at both the prestigious Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Presently, he oversees asset management for a hedge fund located in Florida and serves as the principal of Lekka Global Management, headquartered in Palm Beach.