About us

Evey Fine Art first opened in 2019 on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, and expanded to a new 3,500 square-foot space at 240 South County Road in February 2021.


Experienced with the intricacies of the globalized art market, Evey Gallery carries a diversified and unique portfolio of investment pieces as well as artwork by emerging talent with exceptional vision and potential, showcasing contemporary artists from Latin America and Europe at the forefront of current art movements and turning point of their careers. The art represented by the gallery makes a striking statement through its vibrancy and emotional complexity and, in some cases, sheer size of up to nine feet.

From solo show events to artist visits, Evey Gallery is the ideal destination to view, exhibit, and discuss art, encouraging visitors to engage and experience it as something full of meaning. 

The name Evey was chosen in honor of the owner's Greek grandmother, Evangelia, which means good news or the gospel.


  • Photograph of Carla Groh

    Carla Berenice Groh

    Gallery Co-Founder and Director

    Carla received her master’s degree in Archaeology and Egyptology from Basel University, followed by a Ph.D. fellowship at Freiburg University, Germany, with research stays at Stanford and Copenhagen University.


    Working in the art trade since 2005 in Basel, St. Moritz, Lucerne, and Vienna, she founded her own art brokerage in Vienna and Chicago in 2019. After doing several art shows in Palm Beach combined with her knowledge and appreciation of working in a tight-knit community, including how to navigate the challenges of a seasonal business model, she felt Palm Beach was the perfect starting point for Evey’s first brick-and-mortar representation.   

  • Photograph of Joseph Knapek

    Joseph J. Knapek

    Gallery Co-Founder

    Joseph founded Evey Fine Art along with Carla Groh in 2019, merging his background in finance and passion for art collection as well as his unique vision into a concept for a contemporary art gallery with a distinct focus on introducing well-established artists from Latin America and Europe to the US market.


    He has 30 years of experience in the futures industry, with trading privileges at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Currently, he manages assets for a Florida-based hedge fund and is the principal of Lekka Global management based in Palm Beach.