FlatIronNomad.nyc, Mar 27, 2024

We’re pleased to welcome Evey Fine Art, the contemporary art gallery to the neighborhood. Located at Flatiron House at 39 West 23rd Street, Evey Fine Art curates exhibitions featuring contemporary artists from the Americas and Europe with a special emphasis on introducing renowned Cuban artists to the global art market

“What we love most about being in Flatiron & NoMad is how kind and welcoming the community has been to us since we arrived,” says Co-Founders Carla Groh and Joseph J. Knapek. “And the number of art enthusiasts we already met living in the area. We’ve been welcomed with open arms and completely immersed into the community from the beginning; it is truly an experience like no other.”

Co-Founders Carla Groh and Joseph J. Knapek combine their passion for art collection with their expertise of the international art market. Evey Fine Art provides a platform for thought-provoking exhibitions, artistic dialogue, and exchange to be fostered within the local community. The collaboration with Flatiron House highlights the gallery’s commitment to curate innovative exhibitions in unique urban settings as New York City. By bringing together artists and collectors, Evey Fine Art helps to establish an authentic connection between artworks and their new homes.

Evey Fine Art strives to showcase artists who are at the forefront of current art movements and at pivotal turning points in their careers. The gallery’s current exhibition Cuban Avant-Garde features a collection of works by leading Cuban artists Rigoberto Mena, Ruben Rodriguez Martinez, and Carlos Llanes, who are all part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Fine Art in Havana, Cuba. The exhibition also serves to highlight these three artists reaching new heights in their careers as they join the ever-growing Cuban diaspora in the United States.

Situated in Flatiron House, the exhibit offers visitors an immersive experience of the artworks within the visionary architectural design by Rick Cook and Bob FoxCuban Avant-Garde will be on view at Flatiron House on the 1st and 24th floors through Sunday, March 31st.